Data should be available to everyone, all the time, forever.

Tuku provides data access solutions which ensure this is the case.


Tuku specializes in infrastructure deployment and automation. With clients from San Francisco to Tel Aviv to Tokyo, we are establishing a trusted brand for critical infrastructure globally.


Cypherplugs are devices which sit anywhere with a power source, and serve the Arweave network, forever.
Employing the use of a reverse ssh tunnel, firewalls are not a concern, enabling set-and-forget data freedom for everyone.
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About Tuku

Tuku is a Māori word with many meanings.

¹ (verb) (-a,-na) to release, let go, give up, leave, resign, put off, descend, get off, let down, download (computer), set free, allow, send, pass, serve, bowl, submit - reflects the notion of transfer.
² (verb) (-a,-na) to relinquish, cede, grant, gift.
³ (verb) (-a,-na) to present, offer.

Embodying these meanings, Tuku is our offering in service of enhancing the default state of freedom for all.

Garrett and Adam have been friends since their single-digit years. Frequently in touch over the years because of their shared love for computers, they decided to start working together on this little hardware project. What you see here now is the first of many experiments in leveraging hardware to create a freer default state for humanity.